AlfaGene Bioscience's Mission

To provide biomarkers, cellular platforms for drug discovery and testing, and therapeutics in the hope of alleviating the suffering endured by the tens of millions of individuals afflicted with any gastrointestinal disease or injury.

8  Utilize AlfaGene’s proprietary technology and growth medium allowing isolation, long term culturing, and differentiation of adult intestinal stem cells, as well as, differentiation to various non-transformed primary epithelial cell lineages.


8  Provide unique cellular based assay platform composed of paired stem cells and epithelial cell lines from both normal and diseased intestinal tissues obtained from the same individual.


8  Provide renewable sustainable non-transformed cellular supply for various studies/efforts: disease specific biomarker discovery, drug discovery and testing, site specific uptake, bio-transport, bio-availability, metabolism, toxicity testing, development of regenerative/personalized therapies with patient’s own GI stem cells...


8  Provide a system which is significantly more cost effective and time saving with greater accuracy, confidence, physiological similarity/relevance and fewer false positives during preclinical stages of drug discovery and development.