AlfaGene's Proprietary Technology & System

AlfaGene BioScience's posesses proprietay technology and systems, not only, for the procurenment, isolation, and long term culturing of human adult gastrointestinal (GI) stem cells, but also, the ability to direct these stem cells to differentiate into the epithelial cell types normally found lining the GI tract in vivo, and the ability to establish and maintain these non-transformed human intestinal primary epithelial cell (HIPEC) lines derived from these stem cell lines in culture for many passages over a long period of time.

 AlfaGene Bioscience is currently utilizing its own proprietary and protected technology and knowledge concerning the isolation, culturing, and creation of non-transformed human intestinal stem cells and primary epithelial cells derived from adult intestinal stem cells developed by its company founder, Dr. Asit Panja.  Our company is the only company that possesses intestinal adult stem cells from every segment of the gastrointestinal tract, including paired epithelial lineages from both normal and diseased tissues from the same individual. Our newest proprietary techniques allow differentiation of these stem cell-like progenitor cells to form functional epithelial monolayers in long term cultures in a non-transformed fashion, a hitherto unaccomplished methodology in the field.

    There are many advantages of using this novel platform for basic biological research as well as for discovery and development of disease markers and new therapeutics. Availability of continuous pure population of diseased and normal tissue derived primary epithelial cells in sufficient quantity provides an opportunity for identification of cellular, molecular, and genetic species involved in the disease development process. This provides our company with a significant differentiation and advantage from any other existing company in the field.

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