AlfaGene Bioscience, Inc.

AlfaGene is an innovative biotechnology company established in 2007, in order to take advantage of its own proprietary novel gastrointestinal (GI) stem cell technology to isolate and establish long term human adult stem cell lines from human adult GI tissue samples, derive primary non-transformed epithelial lineages from these adult stem cell lines, and create the only stem cell and non-transformed primary epithelial cell derived model of each segment of the entire GI tract.  Utilizing this unique technology, AlfaGene can create a system of paired adult stem and epithelial cells derived from disease initiating stem cells and their unaffected normal counterpart from the same individual’s GI tissue.

     Any GI disease can be targeted; whether adenocarcinoma malignant cancer cells in the case of colon cancer or esophageal cancer, or cells affected by Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease...  Thus, allowing AlfaGene to directly compare and identify cellular, molecular, and genetic differences (biomarkers) between disease affected and normal unaffected GI cells. This technology also enables AlfaGene to provide a unique superior cellular platform for drug discovery & testing with previously unattainable accuracy, relevancy, and reproducibility, as well as, reduce variation and background than previous methods.  Furthermore, AlfaGene's technology, will enable us to provide personalized stem cell therapy by treating an individual with their own stem cells - thus avoiding any immunological reactivity issues.  

AlfaGene's Research Divisions

AlfaGene's research and commercialization efforts are currently contained within three divisions in order to efficiently maximize research, capitalization, and commercialization efforts with regards to the company's unique technology.  Furthermore, an additional four sub-divisions exist within AlfaGene's Biomarker Discovery and Development Division.



12 Industrial Road

Fairfield, NJ 07004

Phone: (732)469-5631

FAX: (732)560-0266


The Laboratory Facility consists of 6,000 square feet of combined laboratory and office space, stocked with state of the art laboratory equipment and a 120 square foot enclosed secured tissue culture room.  At this time the company envisions leasing and occupying an additional 15,000 square feet which is currently available at this site.

Corporate Office

20 Corrielle Street

Fords, NJ 08863

Phone: (732)738-7340

FAX: (732)738-7343